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Reach exactly who you want

With digital brochure distribution, powerful push notifications, performance-driven solutions, highly effective social media campaigns, and numerous other online measures in the cross-channel mix, we reach your customers.

Harnessing Cross-Channel Strategies for Enhanced Engagement and Sales

Boost your offers, promotions, and campaigns; engage new customers; maintain existing clientele; and/or capitalize on heightened foot traffic at the point of sale (POS).

Utilize the power of cross-channel marketing by complementing traditional brochure distribution with digital strategies.

Advantages in a nutshell

Utilize the advantages of data-driven and strategic cross-channel marketing for more reach and increased performance.

Have a look at our digital marketing services.

125 Mio. Users on over 1.400 Apps and platforms across Europe

Benefit from an extensive international network with over 1.400 Apps and platforms showing your advertisments. Reach up to 125 Mio. users exactly at the right time in the customer journey. Thanks to a highly streamlined and hyper-targeted digital marketing. Tailored for every touchpoint.

Achieving more with collaboration

Integrate a hybrid communication strategy and Cross-Channel-Campaigns today to reach greater heights.

We design a fully tailored campaign to meet your specific requirements based on our 360° service portfolio.

The importance of effective hybrid communication and cross-channel campaigns

The digital age brings new opportunities with endless possibilities to reach the end-consumer. At the same time it has never been this difficult to create an effective marketing communication strategy.

Combine analog and digital advertisment to communicate through the right channels at the right time.

Increase customer traffic, maximise visibility and generate peak ROI rates.


Cross-Channel Campaigns

Use our extensive network with over 1.400 apps and platforms, 360° Service Portfolio including all social media, discover ads, adressable TV and more. All perfectly aligned with your customer journey offering scalable reach, diverse channels options, precised targeting and touchpoint-optimization.


Hybrid Communication

Combine the best of both worlds, offline and online channels go hand in hand to maximise communication successes with increased marktet share and interactions. Benefit from more than 25 years of experience in direct marketing to maximise reach and use the offline channels for online growth.


Local Hero

Our data-driven and localised strategies enhance local visibility and allow hyper-targeted campaigns. We are uniting the strength of our distribution network for precised geomarketing and our digital drive-to-store services. Become a local hero!

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Björn Klumbach
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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Key Account Manager | Digital

We deliver quality advertising right on target for over 25 years

Our full-service-offering allows us to create the perfect solutions tailored to any customer need.   All in one place with top-notch service.

We are thriving for the highest quality standard and continuous improvement. Not only are we an active member in the Deutschen Dialogmarketing Verband (DDV) but maintain a close-knit relationship to all customers and partners.

Our network of established agents and market partners ensure that we can always offer the best service.  

Krisitan Schneider - Geschäftsführer von Schneider Direktmarketing GmbH & Co. KG
Kristian Schneider

CEO / Geschäftsführer